Friday, February 23, 2018

MODELUR for parametric urban design v2018.1_RC2

The modelur team has launched MODELUR for parametric urban design v2018.1_RC2. This plugin is compatible with v2014, v2015, v2016, v2017.

Modelur belongs to a parametric urban design tool that is flawlessly incorporated into SketchUp. It facilitates the users to instantly generate and check various urban design alternatives.

Besides, making real-time calculation of major urban parameters (eg. FAR, number of apartments, required parking spaces, etc.) it also provides interactive 3D zoning, along with warnings when the design is not similar to zoning regulations (eg. buildings are too high or if they are arranged too close together, etc.).

Major advantages:

a. Accelerate your productivity (work 3 times swifter, 5 times more precisely)
b. Work directly within zoning
c. Instantly evaluate design alternatives
d. Produce intelligent decisions
e. Highlight design, not numbers


a. Flawlessly incorporated into SketchUp (making it as simple and intuitive to use)
b. Interactive 3D zoning
c. Parametric buildings (simple and mixed-use)
d. Parametric land uses
e. Real-time calculation of key urban parameters (eg. FAR, site coverage, num. of apartments, required parking spaces, etc.)
f. Export of key urban parameters to CSV (which can be imported in any spread sheet software, eg. Excel)
g. Warnings when certain zoning constraints are not satisfied (eg. FAR is surpassed or buildings are too close together, etc.)
h. Accessible in different languages

A free 21-day trial version is available as soon as Modelur is started in SketchUp

Watch online demonstration of the plugin.

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Rajib Dey

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

CAALA – The newest energy analysis plugin for sketchup

CAALA for SketchUp is the newest sketchup extension that is used to perform Energetic pre-dimensioning (life cycle analysis and EnEV calculation) in real time. This sketchup plugin is compatible with SketchUp 2016, SketchUp 2017, SketchUp 2018. The plugin is only available in German language.

CAALA stands for a software for holistic energetic-ecological pre-dimensioning. CAALA facilitates to analyze the complete lifecycle of a building design in real time (LCA / Life Cycle Assessment).

In this way, buildings are optimized sustainably in the initial planning phase. Besides, it can be measure at an initial phase whether guidelines like EnEV or KfW 55 are achieved or not.

With CAALA, it is possible to measure the energy requirements throughout operation and the gray energy required to manufacture, substitute and eliminate them simultaneously. All applicable parameters like geometry, alignment, materiality and building technology are considered. No training is required due to the impulsive user interface. There are diverse design variants which can be easily analyzed and compared rapidly.

CAALA allows the users to directly calculate how ecological a design is throughout the design process and whether guidelines like the EnEV can be achieved. Numerous variations can be tallied instantly which facilitate superior optimization.

If the decisions are taken in the initial phase of performance, it provides significant effect on both the cost and the energy and environmental performance of a building. CAALA is applied from performance phase 1 and support planning decisions with quantitative results.

As the only SketchUp plug-in for energy analysis, CAALA applies calculation algorithms on the basis of German standards. The energy assessment is accomplished as per DIN V 18599 and the gray energy and other ecological effects are set as per DIN EN 15978. So, the results are utilized for pre-dimensioning regarding EnEV or KfW Effizenzhaus or pre-certification as per BNB or DGNB.

To download the plugin, go to extension warehouse

Watch the following video tutorial for getting online demonstration of the plugin.

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Rajib Dey