Friday, May 25, 2018

Demo of component finder, a new sketchup extension

This exclusive sketchup video tutorial provides the demonstration of a new sketchup extension called Component Finder. This extension can simplify the process to view and import components inside sketchup.
The tutorial video focuses on the following topics :- How to set up Component Finder, Navigate 3D Models, Add a component, Save a component, Rename a component, Update a component.
The extension contains the following exclusive features :-
Quickly filter through your local Sketchup components library, and find the components you need. Just a click away, all within Sketchup.
Enhanced Browsing: Now, it is possible to view all the components in a folder, it's sub-folders as well as in their sub-folders all in one view.
View your components in each tab in best possible manner
Flat View: Avail the components in the present folder and in all of it's sub-folders, and their sub-folders... (5 levels deep).
Nav View: The recognizable browsing view of folders and components. It is ideal for navigating and focusing on a specific folder.
Powerful Search: Type in with your search term, and ComponentFinder will filter through all of your tabs and the components in them unless you get your desired result.
Zoom In / Out: View bigger or smaller component thumbnails.
Save Components: After arranging some components into a model, if any modifications take place, one can save them right back into any open tab.
To get more information, go through the following link
Open multiple tabs at once: Choose numerous folders from your local library and include them simultaneously as separate tabs in ComponentFinder.
FlexTools Integration: ComponentFinder operates on top of the FlexTools platform. Same toolbar. Same settings location. Automatic updates when available.
Watch the following video for live demonstration.

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Rajib Dey

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

ColorHex – The newest sketchup extension

Rafael Rivera has developed ColorHex, an exclusive sketchup extension available in extension warehouse.

This sketchup extension is well matched with SketchUp 2017, SketchUp 2018 as well as windows platform.

The plugin can be used to paint any sketchup models based on #Hex color values by applying a series of toolset.

Brief description of tools:

Hex Brush Tool: The Hex Brush Tool paint faces through #hex color values. The users will be able to click & drag the mouse to incessantly arrange paint to the SketchUp model.

Hex Sample Tool: The Hex Sample Tool will opt for the color value of face entity to paint with.

Hex Input Tool: The Hex Input Tool facilitates the users to put in a #hex color value to paint.

Hex Magic Wand Tool: The Magic Wand Tool picks connected faces with the equivalent color.

The plugin can be downloaded from extension warehouse

ColorHex รข€“ The newest sketchup extension

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Rajib Dey